Image of Suriname Mother Corridor Longsleeve [All Sizes]

Suriname Mother Corridor Longsleeve [All Sizes]

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Dark green cotton long sleeved tee, doused in bleach to a golden tan and screen printed all over. The center image on this design depicts a bust collaged of anatomical diagrams, plastic surgery photos, and the skin of a Suriname toad. She stands in a marble corridor before a row of baby dolls who wear hats and onesies decorated with smiling lady bugs - The Suriname toad is a South American toad notable for it's unique means of reproduction:

"Suriname toads are best known for their reproductive habits. Unlike the majority of toads, the males of this species do not attract mates with croaks and other sounds often associated with these aquatic animals. Instead, they produce a sharp clicking sound by snapping the hyoid bone in their throats.[4] The partners rise from the floor while in amplexus and flip through the water in arcs. During each arc, the female releases 3 to 10 eggs, which get embedded in the skin on her back by the male's movements. After implantation, the eggs sink into the skin and form pockets over a period of several days, eventually taking on the appearance of an irregular honeycomb. The embryos develop through to the tadpole stage inside these pockets, eventually emerging from the mother's back as fully developed toads, though they are less than an inch long (25 mm). Once they have emerged from their mother's back, the toads begin a largely solitary life. After giving birth to the new toads, the mother slowly sheds the thin layer of skin that was used to birth them, and can begin the cycle again.[5]" (wikipedia)

This tee also features a squished flesh collage down one arm and across the body, a border of spirals and budding stalks, and sillhoettes of fallen autumn leaves down the opposite arm. These motifs repeat on the front and back.

The tee pictured here is a size MEDIUM, displayed on a size small mannequin.

Orders ship in 1-2 weeks

Please note that these shirts are printed-to-order. Every surface of the tee is collaged with screen prints by my hand in my home/studio - There will be a certain degree of one-of-a-kindness to each reproduction of this design, given the nature of the process and the variation in surface area between sizes.

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